Citrus Eureka 6L

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Lemon Eureka produces medium-sized lemons with a smooth, yellow peel throughout the year.

The lemon tree has a number of attributes that qualify it for inclusion in the modern garden’s list of core plants. When it is laden with fruit it makes an eye-catching tree, especially in a smaller garden, and as it is evergreen, it can do duty as a shade tree all year round. It will grow and produce fruit quite willingly in a large pot, making it ideal even for very small gardens, and for sunny patios. Lemons have been known since the earliest times for their many useful qualities. They were eaten to prevent scurvy and the juice was used as a beauty product to lighten skin and hair. In royal gardens, lemon trees were grown in elegant, wheeled, wooden caskets. In warmer weather the palace gardeners would move the trees outside
for everyone to admire. When the cold weather turned, the trees would be returned to the conservatory. Of course, lemons are also used extensively in cooking and baking, and to make wonderfully refreshing lemonade. In fact, for most food lovers, and almost all good cooks, it is hard to imagine life without lemons.

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