Liriope (grass-like perennial) 3L

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Liriope is a low-growing grass-like perennial which originates in East Asia - China, Japan and Korea; where it is found growing in shady forests, bamboo forests, scrub, grassy slopes and moist ravines. It is grown for its attractive glossy green leaves and unusual white, lilac or purple bell shaped flowers, carried on erect stems from mid to late summer and autumn. The flowers are followed by pea-sized black berries that persist well into winter. Variegated varieties will add golden, silver or white flashes of colour to shady gardens.

Lilyturf is low-maintenance and virtually pest free, making it a great choice for busy gardeners. It is excellent to plant as a groundcover underneath trees and shrubs; or as an edging for walkways and to define beds. It is often planted next to the foundations of buildings to help disguise and soften them; and is especially useful to plant on steep slopes because the dense mat of roots holds the ground exceedingly well, preventing soil erosion. With its finely textured foliage it provides a handsome backdrop for more colourful plants, making it a useful evergreen for mixed planters of seasonal annuals or perennials. Lilyturf looks great in any garden but is most effective in Japanese pebble gardens, woodland and cottage gardens.

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