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Abelia x Grandiflora 'Radiance' 5 Liter

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Abelia x grandiflora Radiance
var. 'Radiance'PBR PT 8097

Crisp silvery green foliage surrounded by beautiful creamy white margins. In winter foliage becomes tinted with soft hints of pink to lilac, on bright red stems. Fragrant white trumpet like flowers, summer to autumn. Mature plant size may vary due to grow

Mature Plant Size ±30cm x 50cm
Sun/Shade Options Plant in full sun to Semi-Shade
Special Notes Cold and Frost Hardy

Abelia is an excellent choice for the landscape. It’s versatile and has many positive attractive leaves ranging from green to red with many cultivars to choose from- all with different unique attributes. Fine, small leaves make it a great contrast to other landscape plants.

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