Acorus Large Gold 2.5 liter

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Narrow, strap-like leaves make a stunning appearance with their brilliant gold coloring that remains all season long. The new foliage is chartreuse and will attain the best gold coloring in full sun.

Its common name, Sweet Flag comes from the tangerine-scented essential oil, calamus, which is present in all parts of the plant. This oil has long been used in perfumes and potpourri. It has even been used in the production of gin and beer as a flavor smoother and enhancer.

Native to bogs, shallow ponds, and marshes, this plant will grow in shallow water. It also looks great in tubs, pots, water gardens, and along the pond's edge. This grass is not invasive. Acorus is not a true grass, but is related to the arum and philodendron family.

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