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Aphicide 100ml

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A systemic suspension concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for use in the home garden to control sucking insects, as indicated on the label, on conifers, roses and other ornamentals.

Size: 100ml | 1l

A systemic emulsifiable concentrate insecticide for use in the home and garden. A contact and stomach poison for the control of insects as listed.

Size: 100ml

Each year from March – August the Cypress Aphid infects conifers and the damage is only visible in spring use Plant Protector, Aphicide Plus or Insecticide Granules Plus

Italian Cypress Aphid

Italian cypress aphid (Cinara Cupressi) are charcoal grey, 3mm long aphids. Cypress aphids begin their life cycle when the weather cools down in autumn. From April, they multiply rapidly and their numbers peak in June.


Small active insects rarely seen.

Mealy Bug

Small, oval-shaped, light pink stationary insects with white waxy thread Aphids


Small, soft bodied, pear-shaped insects, usually green or black in colour.

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