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Argyranthemum "Malanseuns" 15cm Mixed Colours

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Argyranthemum are without doubt one of the all time classic garden favourites! With a wide variety of colours and cultivars available, there is without doubt, a variety to suit each individual preference in almost all sunny locations.

Argyranthemum are enjoyed for the delicate daisy flowers that are borne in profusion on this evergreen shrub. In our glorious South African climate, these varieties excel at their best and are in bloom from late spring until late autumn. There are few plants in the garden that can compete with this display! This extended flowering period makes ‘Daisy bushes’ an extremely sought after and popular garden variety. The constant shower of colourful daisies are not only appreciated by gardeners, but by birds, butterflies and bees as well!

Argyranthemum are marginally hardy perennials, ideal for brightening up flower beds and borders and should last 3 – 5 years in most gardens. Larger varieties are commonplace in sunny flower beds, as background plants and as fillers. However, the dwarf varieties tend to be more sought after and make excellent feature plants in rockeries, borders and flower beds. They are also highly suited to use in containers.

Argyranthemums require a site in full sun in well-drained soil. Their root systems can tolerate almost all soil types and although not ‘thirsty’ plants, they do require regular watering during dry spells particularly in hot climates. To promote and extend the proliferation of flowers, remember to deadhead the spent blooms regularly. New flower formation is enhanced by Potassium, a plant nutrient which is readily found in all fertilisers and foliar feeds.

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