Bromelia Aechmea 19cm

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General Care

Most Aechmea are well suited to grow both indoors or outdoors. They thrive in light shade or indirect sunlight. Aechmeas can flourish in indoor office spaces. The florescent lighting will typically be enough to satisfy this bromeliad. They can be grown outdoors in climates that have no risk of frost. They are susceptible to few pests and are more unlikely to succumb to insect related illness or disease than other indoor plants.


Aechmea’s foliage grows without a stem. The leaves grow together forming a rosette shape at the center of the plant. It takes in water through this rosette, which is more commonly referred to as a tank. The Aechmea’s ability to store up water in its tank to be used as needed helps it to survive through periods of sporadic rainfall. When caring for an Aechmea in your home, it is important to keep water in its central tank at all times. Be sure to flush this water regularly. Water left to stagnate in the tank can lead to bacterial infection, pests, and build up of salinity that can eventually lead to plant damage. You should empty the tank and rinse your bromeliad at least once a month. Do this more often if you notice build up on the leaves. Filling the tanks with distilled water or rain water will help prevent the build up of salts commonly found in tap water.

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