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Earth2Earth Lawndressing GROMOR 60 DM 3 Large

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Earth2Earth Lawn Dressing

  • Earth2Earth Lawn Dressing is based on a blend of composted bark and other organic material which is free of harmful soil pathogens. The product decomposes slowly, and benefits the condition and structure of all soil types over a long period.
  • Certified to be 100% organic. The product is weed and odour free.
  • Contains a balanced blend of organic potassium, phosphate and nitrogen boosters.
  • Seasonal use reduces soil compaction, aids drainage and improves water holding capacity.
  • Suitable for most types of new or existing lawn areas.
  • Apply evenly over freshly mowed lawn. One 30dm bag will treat approximately 2m2.
  • Irrigate treated areas well after application of the dressing.
  • Available in 60 DM retail carry-packs.


Welcome to Earth2Earth Organics

Earth2Earth Organics is the largest producer of organic growing mediums in Southern Africa.

From our well equipped production centre in Mpumalanga the company produces in excess of 10,000 cubic metres of organic mediums every month.
An average stockholding of 30 000 cubic metres ensures that the company is able to reliably supply its' local clients on a year-round basis.

The quality and consistency of all Earth2Earth product is benchmarked against the highest international standards.
The scale and sophistication of the group infrastructure ensures that the company can offer the highest quality product and the highest levels of service across its' range of operations.

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