Ficus Elastica Beliza 19cm

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Ficus elastica 'Belize' is a tender evergreen tree species. It produces oval, glossy, leathery, green leaves flushed with pink and cream variegation. On mature trees grown in open conditions, F. elastica can reach heights of over 30 m. They can produce oblong, yellow fruits from small white flowers with yellow centres. More often it's grown as a houseplant, rarely flowering or fruiting in household conditions. This houseplant wants to be in bright, indirect sunlight. Too much sun may harm the leaves, too little and your plant won't grow much! Place it somewhere it receives a couple of hours of direct sun at most. Rubber plants like a moist, freely draining potting mix, using sand or perlite to improve drainage. Check if it needs a drink regularly and water when the pot feels light. It does well with being a bit pot-bound, so keep this in mind when re-potting.

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