Fruit & Flower 6:1:5 (21) 2kg

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Fruit & Flower 6:1:5 (21) What should I feed Azaleas?Azaleas are slow, continuous feeders. Start feeding your Azaleas with an acidifying fertilizer, such as Culterra Ammonium Sulphate alternating with Culterra Fruit & Flower 6:1:5 (21) approximately 1 month after planting. Do not feed directly after planting since the fertilizer may burn the rootsand prevent establishment of the plant. Read the instructionson the bag for the correct application rate.

Fruit Tree Fertilizer:

Most people don’t realize that fruit trees require a different fertilizer to other types oftrees. Feeding too much nitrogen to a fruit tree will encourage it to put out a tremendous

flush of vegetative growth with very few flowers and not much fruit. For fruit trees use Culterra Fruit & Flower 6:1:5 (21), which is high in potassium.

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