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Geranium Pelargonium Zonale Mixed Colours 15cm

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Geraniums are easy-care abundant bloomers whose bright flowers will blossom from spring until fall. Geranium plants are grown as annuals in most zones, but are considered evergreen perennials in zones 10 and 11. Although commonly called geranium, this well-known potted plant is actually a Pelargonium


Winter hardy in zones 10-11, grown as an annual or over-wintered indoors in colder zones.


Varies by type; most common varieties average 2 to 4 feet tall and wide, dwarf cultivars available in heights 5 to 8 inches, and ivy types spread 6 to 48 inches.


Most grow best in full sun. Regal varieties do like some partial shade and zonals will tolerate some shade. In extremely hot climates, some afternoon protection should be provided.

Bloom time:

Geraniums are appreciated for their long blooming season that starts in spring and can last into fall. If plants are kept above 45 to 50 degrees, they may also bloom in winter.

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