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Micro-Clustered 500ml Water (per case of 24) R5 each

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Prepared water from a private distribution system

Treatment Method:

Filtration, Ionization & Micro-Clustering

How will Mc Alkion Water and INVERT water assist with cramping issues?

You should have cramp free training and racing because the crystals of our water are hexagonally shaped which means that you can hydrate at a cellular level. Almost all bottled water globally isn’t and that is why you don’t really hydrate or recover as quickly.

What does micro clustered mean?

A normal water molecule has 15-18 clusters per molecule, Mc Alkion Water and INVERT has 5-6 clusters per molecule meaning that you will hydrate and re hydrate between 4-6 times faster than with mineral water, tap water or reverse osmosis.

How does ionized water differ from non - ionized water?

Almost ALL bottled water globally has a plus charge in the water meaning that it is an oxidant, meaning it destroys healthy cells. Mc Alkion and INVERT have a negative charge (from the ionizer) and repair cells and bind to carcinogens and free radicals neutralizing them.

What other health benefits does your water have?

We have scores of clients who tell us that their migraines, heartburn, gout, dandruff, cramping, constipation etc have become a thing of the past. People’s cholesterol, cancer counts, kidney function have also come down significantly.

Will it assist me with weight loss?

It certainly should because one of the body’s defense mechanisms to excess acidity is to create fat cells to transport hazardous acid away from your vital organs. The reason that your fat is under your skin is because that it as far as the body can move it. Combining more alkaline foods into your diet along with Mc Alkion and INVERT Alkaline water should most certainly assist with weight loss. Cutting as much sugar out of your diet won’t hurt either.

How should I store my water?

Water should be kept in a cool, shaded place and out of direct sunlight and UV light as it changes the properties of water.

How much should I drink per day?

We recommend 30-40ml per kg per day depending on how active you are. Example, an 80kg person should drink 2.4L – 3.2L per day.

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