Multifeed P Classic 500g

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Product Details

Product Details

Multifeed Classic

Act No. 36 of 1947: Reg. No. K5293

Ingredients: N 190 g/kg; P 82 g/kg; K 158 g/kg; Mg 900 mg/kg; Fe 750 mg/kg; Mn 300 mg/kg; Zn 350 mg/kg; Cu 75 mg/kg; B 1000 mg/kg; Mo 70 mg/kg (NPK Analysis 2:1:2 (43))

A water soluble fertiliser for young developing plants and seedlings with a high phosphorus (P) requirement to ensure optimum root development.


  • Completely water soluble fertiliser
  • Readily taken up by the plant
  • Suited for optimum root development
  • Can be used on seedlings, flowerbeds, shrubs, pot plants and vegetable crops.

Size: 500G

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