Peperomia Julii 12cm

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Peperomia is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. It offers thick, lush foliage with very few care needs. The plant can wind and spill over pots and is an ideal foliage filler for locations that may not support other plants. Peperomia is an effortless option for indoor landscapes.

Native to southern Florida, the Caribbean and parts of South America, peperomia is only hardy in USDA zones 10-12. In most places it is grown as a houseplant. There are many different species and cultivars of peperomia and each has very distinct characteristics and growth habit.


Most peperomia grow well in bright, but indirect light. Many will also tolerate low levels of light. They should be planted in a well draining potting medium with plenty of peat moss mixed in. The surface of the potting medium should be allowed to dry between watering. Some peperomia varieties behave more like succulents and need very little watering. Care should be taken not to overwater any peperomia species.

When watering a peperomia use a long stemmed watering can to avoid getting the leaves and stems wet. The fleshy parts of this plant can be prone to rot and disease if they stay soggy.

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