Rose Fertilizer 8:1:5 2kg

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Growing beautiful roses begins with proper rose plantingtechniques and requires neither great rose gardening skillsnor experience. Roses prefer a fairly rich clay based soil thatis well drained. They also benefit from generous amounts ofcompost or kraal manure mixed into the soil. Mix in a handfulof Culterra Bone Meal or Culterra Superphosphate at thebottom of the hole and dig Culterra Compost into the hole

before planting. When potting your rose bush plant directlyinto our Rose Planting Mix which has added fertilizer.How much water should I give my rose bush?

Roses need plenty of water with at least 2 thorough soakingsper week if there is no rainfall. Always surround your plantedrose bush or standard with an earthen ring to retain addedwater.What fertilizer should I use to feed my roses?

Use Culterra Rose 8:1:5 (25) or Culterra Vita Flora 5:1:5 (33)slow-release nitrogen. Apply every 3 months starting theend of July through the growing season and ending in May.

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