Yellow Clivia Citrina 5 liter starting to flower

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Clivia miniata is easily cultivated and very rewarding. It should be planted in dappled shade, (they are sensitive to sunlight and will burn easily) in well composted soil. This will also help with soil water retention during dry periods. The plants should be watered regularly during the summer months which is their growing season. Watering can be reduced during winter and the plants will tolerate fairly long dry periods. Bush lilies are spectacular container subjects. They should be grown in a well drained potting medium which has plenty of compost added. This will also ensure good aeration which is another of their requirements. Clivia respond well to feeding in the summer months, either with slow release fertiliser included in the potting mix or with a good liquid feed. Beds of established clivia can be given a granular fertiliser such as 3:1:5 or 2:3:2 and will benefit from a thick layer of organic mulch such as well rotted compost, annually.

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