Zantedeschia 'Arum lilies' Green Goddess 10L

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This hybrid arum is a very hardy plant with large, dark green leaves that are heart-shaped. What looks like the flower is actually a spathe (modified leaf) that shields the tiny yellow flowers borne on a long stalk. The spathe is green for towards the tip and white closer to the stalk. The ratio of green to white is approximately equal.

The green stripes on the flower spathes of ‘Green Goddess’ allow the flowers to last much longer than the natural white form. ‘Green Goddess’ also has a wider spathe that opens wider and has the tendency to develop curvy fringes at the edge of the spathe.

Mass plantings of these plants in semi-shade provide a wonderful effect. They flower throughout the year and the flowers can be cut for the vase as the flower is long-lasting.

Even when not in flower, the leaves give a magnificent, rich tropical feel to the garden. The plant can tolerate extreme cold but will go dormant until it warms up. If affected by frost, it will recover.

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