Gardenia Belmont 10L Landscaping

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Magnificent shrub or small tree with green glossy foliage. Gardenias will grow well in a position that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Gardenias produce beautiful scented white flowers. Gardenias will compliment an oriental themed garden. They are well suited to pots.

  • Plant in acidic soil
  • Grow to a height of 1.5m
  • Fertilise with Colourburst Azalea food ideal for Gardenias
  • 5l

Gardenias are known for their fragrant flowers, and yet they are also exceptional evergreen shrubs for the garden.

The plant affectionately known and easily recognised as ‘gardenia’ is botanically called Gardenia augusta (previously G. jasminoides). This shrub with glossy green foliage and sweetly scented white flowers originates from many parts of Asia. Numerous hybrids have been bred during centuries of cultivation around the world, adding to the range and in some instances confusion pertaining to the correct naming of the plant. Gardenias are still one of the most popular of all fragrant flowering plants in cultivation. They grow well in many parts of South Africa and can adapt to most climates, except for the coldest and driest regions.

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