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Healthy Living Herb Potting Mix 20dm3

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Creating a herb garden is extremely rewarding for a gardener and chef alike. With very little effort you can set up your indoor kitchen herb garden in pots or window boxes on your kitchen windowsill.This is ideal for gardeners living in townhouses that would like a variety of their favourite herbs freshly available. For those of you with a little more space, try our wooden planter boxes in close proximity to your kitchen door for easy access. What should I fill my window boxes with when planting herbs? Culterra Herb Mix is a potting mix that is especially formulated for filling herb planting boxes and pots. Extra fertilizer has been added to the mix to ensure that the herb plants have sufficient nutrition for 3 months.Try Culterra Vita Flora 5:1:5 (33) Slow-Release Nitrogen for feeding your herbs on a 3 monthly basis during the growing season. Alternatively, liquid feed with Culterra Multisol N or K. How to plant an organic herb garden? For organic herbs, try Culterra Organics 7:1:5 (19) + TE fertilizeravailable at your local nursery. For foliar feeding your vegetables and herbs try our organic Culterra Multikelp manufactured from kelp products and fortified with nutrients in a carbohydrate chelated form.

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